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Before we finally success make “ The Best Giant Crispy Squid in Town “

Its through the long process,

  1. We Choose the Best Squid, (We selected our squid supplier in every city mostly 2 months, and we soak our squids into lemonade to keep our squids really FRESH!)
  2. We are using Selected Flour, We do import our flour from Beijing, so it make our squids really crunchy outside but chewy inside
  3. We are using proper heat to maximize the crunchiest of the Squids, for your info for find the proper heat we did some research in a months, so don't worry our squids will be very crunchy, Don't forget to prove it by your own.
  4. We do some research to China to find the beautiful way to serve you, and this is it!!

The best Giant Crispy Squids only for you!!! P.S do not share to anyone...



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